Number 3 of the "Big Three People"
Human of "Steel" - Marshal Stalin

Mohamed Amin Didi

Written: 1945 M.
Published: 1948 M.


In front of myself is a photograph....... The face is a very shallow, and ordinary face. The two eyes are very deep, dark eyes. The mustache is a large one. The person's height is medium. The completeness and apparent strength of the body are not extraordinary. The forehead is large. The hair on the head is seen combed in the "Oxford" style. His clothes reach up to the neck, and are a very ordinary soldier's uniform. Indeed! A very ordinary face. A very ordinary body. However....... in several ways, the whole face is "marked", with self-confidence. Conviction. Great ambition........ Yes! The reality of the photograph is, the Warrior of this Age. The human of "Steel". Joseph Stalin.

In the cold evening of 21st December 1879 M., the sky was darkening. In the small town of Gori in Russia, the wife of the shoemaker, Ekaterin Jughashvili brought close to herself her child born that day. Her fourth child. There is no doubt. The warmth associated with this closeness was a strong indication that she did not want this child to pass from this world as her three other children did.

Shoemaking was a hereditary work for the members of this family. Despite this..... when Ekaterin's two sharp eyes looked at her small child, she did not see a future shoemaker in her dreams and visions. However, it is certain that even the hopeful dreams of a mother could not perceive a future commander of one sixth of the populated areas of this world.

In order to find the basis of the victory achieved by Stalin, it is useless to attempt to shine light on the days of his childhood. His childhood was a lost childhood. It is undeniable that when remembering those days, sadness and bitterness now enter the heart of Stalin....... However, it is also very certain and undoubtable, that within that bitterness, a very great and happy memory clearly enters his heart. That memory is the debt owed by him to his great and kind mother. Certainly! The construction of the foundations of the victory now achieved by Marshal Stalin, was started with conviction and steadfastness by his beloved mother.

The struggle of life was faced by Stalin in a lonely way. In climbing the stairs of victory, there was nothing to help push him forward, and no wealth afforded to him. The possibility of recieving a comprehensive, independent education which could expand and enlighten his mind was closed off. Clearly! Stalin faced the hardships and setbacks of the world with only his great ambition, unyielding steadfastness, and complete courage. The days when he was growing up were days in which the nation-wide movements developing in Russia were greatly increasing in fervor and passion. Within the hearts of the youth the revolutionary fires were spreading at a rapid pace..... In these circumstances, it is not surprising that the influence of the Russian People's Leader Lenin on the young Stalin increased day by day. Undoubtedly! Stalin is the sincere student of Lenin. The loyalty to Lenin which composes Stalin's heart is based on respect, admiration, and love.

At the age of 21 Stalin made his mark in the frontline of the revolution. After that day Stalin proceeded on the arduous road of political activity as a talented man. Despite the road being filled with hardship and disturbance, with barriers and breaks, his spirit did not diminish. His clear purpose was unshaken.

The subject of the "war" carried out between Stalin and his well-known adversary Trotsky, which intensified after the death of Lenin, and the final victory of Stalin over his adversary, is outside the topic determined for this article..... In any case, on the day this now finished conflict first began, Stalin stood as the commander of Russia in every sense of the word. The commander of the Russia developed and "created" by passionate hard work and through his steel-like courage and bravery. When Hitler's army scattered international law and the principles of humanity to the winds and enroached on Russia, Stalin stood ready. In the whole of Rus' was generated a never before seen spirit of precious devotion to the motherland. And a steel-like courage and bravery never before seen in this world.

Upon entering Russia, the temporary conquests taken by the Germans were halted by the spirit of Stalin and the "iron" will of the Russians. Since the Russians halted the German might which, until then, was never stopped, the world looked upon them through eyes filled with amazement. Within a few days, the indications of the world's amazement became defined with praise. It is certain! The Unionists showed with their words and actions, the high admiration in the Unionist hearts for the human of "Steel". Even if it was not shown by their frantic actions, the fear of the ordinary but clever, the simple but practical Stalin, started to enter the hearts of the enemies.

After the Russians halted the German power, slowly but surely, the Russians continued obtaining complete victory. With regard to several battles within Russia, and especially in Stalingrad, the bravery and persistence proven by the Russians are given words of congratulations by the tongues of everyone in the world. Yes! The great bravery and courage shown by his loyal army in Stalingrad has been eternally marked in the pages of history.

In the war of Europe such a complete victory was achieved by the Russians through the talent and persistence of their army. Through their work and courage. However, the spirit of the army, the basis of their bravery, the lamp which shone light on their battlefield, was the one with "iron" will and extraordinary courage, Stalin.

Now Stalin is at a high step in the stairs of victory. The whole world is praising him. The whole world is seeing proof of his bravery. In front of him are prosperous days. Great duties. And very important responsibilities. He is capable of carrying out these services for humanity. Compared to other world leaders he is young. (He is 66 years old). His health is good. There is no doubt. It is completely certain. For Stalin and the Russians to use the power they have for good purposes, is a great and important duty they have to fulfill for the world.

Even if he fulfills his duty, or even if he betrays the principles of humanity, it is clear that the strong voice of the Warrior of this Age, the human of "Steel", Marshal Stalin will shake the future world! In any case, it will be believed when it is seen. Until then.... Congratulations! Marshal Stalin!

(This article was published in the "Sarukaaruge Khabaru" [Government News] issue of 1st Rajab 1367 H. [10th May 1948 M.])



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